Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lots of babies

The calendar is lying to me I'm sure, it cannot be January that I last posted anything, surely!  Yes, it looks like I am not doing anything but I have not been idle.  I just took some photos of two new quilts for a pattern cover, so thought I would share it with you.  Very simple, but really happy with the colors and shades of these two baby quilts.  The Tilda fabric is so soft and pretty I made both a boy and girl version to give a glimpse of how beautifully they all go together.  Teddies or birds, plus I will throw in another design options for an elephant in the pattern that would also look sweet.  The simple cross hatching quilting has also popped out really well so very pleased.

We have also had new babies in the family, both girls, so I have been embroidering baby blankets too, which is a first for me.  This is a Brenda Ryan pattern and I have used the Cottage Garden variegated wool threads.  Both of which we have in store, of course!  I enjoyed it so much I made an extra one for display in the shop.

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