Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Two Skirts - two gorgeous new linen prints

I finally got around to making up a couple of skirts for myself to test out some new patterns.  The first is a Bettsy Kingston Market Skirt with an elastic waist and side pockets (invisible - believe me they are there - bit chuffed about that, first time for everything).  The second is an A+ Skirt pattern by Make It Perfect and this one even includes a zipper (omg) and must say am quite pleased.  Worn it twice in the shop and got some favorable comments.  Bit shorter than I would normally wear, but actually looked ok. I used a new linen fabric that is a bit wider than normal patchwork fabric and a bit heavier.  Will pop it on the web shortly.

Liberty is here, yippee

We have just received 24 bolts of the new Liberty Stile and Bloomsbury Gardens fabric.  Gorgeous traditional designs from Liberty's archives, some of these prints look so familiar!  I have been playing with some of the samples I had been given and made up a couple of hexagon blocks from the blues and a scrappy quilt of the rest of the colors with some simple star blocks, sashed with little colored cornerstones.  I have a pack of blues to give away, so leave me a comment before the end of the month to go into the draw to win. 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bettsy Kingston Clothing Patterns

We have just added a range of ten Bettsy Kingston clothing patterns to our store and website.  They are a great selection of childrens clothes, baby, girls & boys plus a great adult skirt pattern in two sizes (Adult 14–22 and 18–26).  Planning to try one out this weekend!  Hmmm just have to choose a fabric, maybe something to go with my gorgeous new boots. 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Happy Easter

 These cute baby bunnies hopped over to our house for Easter.  One was made by my gorgeous buddy, who seems to find time for everyone including five children and her own business, so I made time to make one for my darling daughter who is 'off chocolate' and darling son's girlfriend.  The two pieces of glassware in the background are my raffle prize from the Easter Exhibition.  This is the second raffle I have won in the past month, so I have bought a tattslotto ticket for tonight:)

This is a laptop cover for darling daughter's new computer.  We couldn't find one she liked, so she chose this cloud fabric and I whipped one up for her using bag wadding inside, which is firm but flat - very pleased.

Easter also gave me an opportunity to finish off Bali Fever.  Just had to add the borders, but there was a bit of piecing involved before I did.  Quite happy with the result.  Now thinking about quilting ideas.  This is available as a pattern and we will be kitting it up shortly or you can use Bali Pops (jelly rolls in batiks).

This is our new Quiltworx Trunk Show design.  It is called Winter Wonderland Snowflakes and is a gorgeous star design with very fine points.  Looks gorgeous in batiks but could also be made up with a Christmas Theme.