Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What happened to June & July?

Well we have lots to share and I have been busy with lots of projects, as usual.  So will share a few with you now.  We had Feathered Star in July and Two Baby Sisters in June, and for August we are very lucky to have Prairie Star in our Quiltworx Trunk Show.  Here is a picky, it's huge and just fits our wall, love the colors and the most amazing quilting.
I have just finished the Tessellate quilt from Max and Louise, just to show that I can use repro fabrics, and really enjoy it too.  So classically timeless, it suits our old terrace house beautifully.  Here is a quick picky, looks a bit weird sideways.  I have quilted it myself and it's not too bad :)  Lots of applique and a little bit of hand piecing with the blocks and sashing machine pieced and machine quilted.  We have the pattern in stock and will put some kits together for those interested.
I have also been doing some embroidery and made up a cushion from this pattern from Mrs. Sew and So using our new Soft Cottons.  Its' a bit 1930's in design but it feels a bit Kaffe Fasset in size and color, what do you think?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Trunk Show quilts that have been recently


Both patterns are now available here


The latest Quiltworx Trunk Show quilt is called Pepperdish.  A lovely mix of foundation piecing and applique.  All Quiltworx patterns are on our website at

Opus Tweet is coming along

I have just finished a couple more blocks and put them together and they are looking great.  I am very happy with the lovely Tilda fabric. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lots of babies

The calendar is lying to me I'm sure, it cannot be January that I last posted anything, surely!  Yes, it looks like I am not doing anything but I have not been idle.  I just took some photos of two new quilts for a pattern cover, so thought I would share it with you.  Very simple, but really happy with the colors and shades of these two baby quilts.  The Tilda fabric is so soft and pretty I made both a boy and girl version to give a glimpse of how beautifully they all go together.  Teddies or birds, plus I will throw in another design options for an elephant in the pattern that would also look sweet.  The simple cross hatching quilting has also popped out really well so very pleased.

We have also had new babies in the family, both girls, so I have been embroidering baby blankets too, which is a first for me.  This is a Brenda Ryan pattern and I have used the Cottage Garden variegated wool threads.  Both of which we have in store, of course!  I enjoyed it so much I made an extra one for display in the shop.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Opus Tweet new blocks

Three more blocks done, really enjoying the mix of applique, embroidery and stitching.  The layers give so much texture and interest to the pattern, it is lovely to see them come together.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Cappuccino Placemats and Tablerunner

I have also been creating some class samples for our Stepping Stones class which starts shortly.  The same block is used in the Cappuccino Placemats and Tablerunner pattern, so I've made up a couple using some striking black & gold fabric.  I tried two different types of wadding:  pellon in the tablerunner and the Matilda's bag wadding in the placemat.  Both easy enough to quilt with although the bag wadding was stiffer under the machine, but I like the firmer feel for a useful placemat.  This is a fun, quick & easy block, each of which uses only two 2 1/2" wide strips of fabric, with no wastage.

Holiday stitching

We have had a lovely two week break with a week at the beach, where I did some stitching on my Opus Tweet block of the month, so I thought you might like a photo of my version using pretty Tilda fabric.  There is more to it than I first realised as it is an unusual mix of embroidery, applique, embroidery on applique and piecing and uses the newish iron on stablisher from which to cut templates.  It stays in when you quilt, but the glue will wash out, leaving a soft stabiliser within the applique shapes.  I have also been machine quilting the Mariners Compass, halfway - my should is telling me to just have a little break :)