Friday, 13 February 2015

Recent Achievements

Ok, so here I was thinking I was blogging weekly and see it was two weeks since my last post!  I do have some achievements to share though, so I was not idle.  My gorgeous friend Wendy Watkins (aka Honeypot Quilting) has beautifully quilted the Autumn Reflections quilt I pieced together at the Kyneton Retreat and it is looking ultra fabulous with its binding finished.  This is a great quilt for busy people with all the pre-cutting taken care of.

I have also finished another Cottage Garden Thread Club stitchery.  The gold/brown Ixia thread around the bauble glows like silk or metallic thread, so clever for a cotton stranded thread.  11 down, 1 to go.

Well I did weaken and start a knitting project, but it is with the Irish Aran wool I picked up in Killarney on our recent holiday.  That will be a long term project though, afterall it is stinking hot at the moment, don't think Peter will be looking for a new jumper just yet. 


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